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Slender lines and minimal profiles give a lightness to our thermal stainless steel windows and doors, creating a minimalist aesthetic and powerful architectural appeal. The design places emphasis on what matters most: clean, unencumbered style. By coupling style with steel’s robust durability, our thermal steel windows and doors make a statement that will last a lifetime while outliving the latest trends.

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Arcadia Custom’ thermal steel technology was fueled by the need to produce a steel window and door that would meet the ever increasing stringent energy efficiency building codes of today and tomorrow while not losing any of the classic, timeless aesthetics that steel windows and doors have become known for. Thermal steel is a unique patent pending process utilizing modern materials and state-of-the-art computerized machinery that produce the most precise, energy efficient steel window and door on the market today.



  • Lasers are used to cut windows and door parts out of 10 gauge stainless steel plates.
  • Computerized Lasers ensure a level of precision and squareness not available through traditional means of manufacturing.
    Lasers cut all hardware and screw holes to guarantee accurate locations.
  • Rectangular Plates are cut from single plates of steel so there are no welds at the corners, thus ensuring a smooth seamless finished surface.
  • Stainless Steel ensures it will not rust.
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Protrusion), a thermal-break material, is a specifically engineered structural thermal insulator that is cut and processed using CNC equipment



Arcadia Custom’ thermal steel construction and manufacturing capabilities allow for a level of design flexibility not seen in the steel window industry. Whether it is an irregular shaped window, unique door configuration, custom finish color, or an “architecturally correct” muntin bar detail, we have the expertise and product to meet your requirements.


Complete product lines:

-In-swing/Out-swing Casements
-In-swing/Out-swing doors
-Bi-fold Door Units
-Sliding Door Units
-Pivot Doors
-Custom Designs



Read more about what sets Arcadia Custom apart from all other Steel Window Manufacturers: Arcadia Custom Performance

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